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Classes + Sessions

Let's face it. You could pull up a "yoga class" on YouTube.


But what happens when you're 30 seconds into the plank hold and no one is watching?

When we work together I push you to that edge all while making your breath sweeter and your core stronger. When you workout with me, I have your transformation as my focus.


Let's get strong together! 



You get a good workout and plenty of attention PLUS you have the extra motivation of your fitness BFF. No more than two people in a session. Expires after 6 months. Non-refundable.

1 - Semi Private Session
5 - Semi Private Session Package
10 - Semi Private Session Package

Private Sessions

My most exclusive offer when you want my undivided attention. No slacking here! You'll get the best results when you know someone is cheering you on with every movement! Expires after 6 months. Non-refundable.

1 - Private Session
5 - Private Session Package
10 - Private Session Package
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