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My Story

I have always been very connected to the body both scientifically and intuitively. 

I was first introduced to Pilates 20 years ago when I had developed carpal tunnel. 

From my very first Pilates session I knew it was a good fit for me,

my body, and my life philosophy. It was low impact, personal, and never boring. Can you relate? I hate being bored when it comes to workouts. 

In 2004, I decided I wanted to become a Pilates instructor. I opened my own studio in Santa Monica and have watched thousands of bodies transform before my very eyes. 

My fitness journey certainly did not end there. 


In 2017, I completed my Yoga Teacher Training certification. And decided to combine my expertise of Pilates and my love of yoga to help train your body to become strong and flexible and put your mind at ease. 


When I am not teaching and working out, I am meditating, playing in the ocean, laughing with my boyfriend and friends, and feeling great about life!

My Approach

I have a very holistic and intuitive approach to the way I teach. I can read your body and make sure we are always concentrating on the areas that need attention. 

You may come to me to build strength, lose weight, feel better about yourself... whatever your goal, I help you transform. 


The idea is that the practice doesn't end the moment you turn off your video. I am teaching you to learn how to LISTEN to your body on and off your mat. 


Many of my clients tell me they hear my voice through out the day, reminding them to tighten their core, to breath, to slooooooow down.  When we work together, you learn tools to live a better life BETWEEN sessions. 


Getting you out of fight or flight and create a moving meditation. 


Connecting Mind. Body. Spirit. 


So, friend, what is your body telling you? 

Is it saying it needs some love and attention? Let’s give it some.

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